staganddragon Soft things my dad has done One time when he was 18 he was fishing and found a baby salamander someone had tried and failed to use as bait It had a huge gash in its side and didn't look like it would make it He put it in the bucket he was going to put fish in and took it home then performed surgery on the little guy to mend the gash It couldn't move so my dad fed it and nursed it back to health until the gash was healed Since he'd taken it in as a baby it wasn't equipped to stay alive in the wild so he kept it in a giant aquarium next to his bed It stayed alive until my sister was bom six years later His dad took him deer hunting once when he was in middle school They hunted all day and never saw a single deer At the end of the day as the sun was setting they found one and my dad yelled at my grandpa not to shoot it because it didn't deserve to die He hasn't been deer hunting since Two peopleI used to be best friends with don't have stable parents My dad takes them out for lunch and out fishing regularly and even though I am not friends with either of them anymore he still makes time for them as if they were his own kids Sometimes I catch him crying at videos of dogs on the internet One time he was crying and I asked him what was wrong and he gave me He told me that if if he dies he wants to die by being drowned in a horde Hemakes sure to say I love you to my mom and me every day because a hug and said there isn't always a reason I've held on to that of puppies because otherwise what's the point? he once told me he never once heard it from his parents as a kid Saw my mom looing at a bird so he found out what kind of bird it was and drew a picture of it for her Heard me crying after a hard day and brought me a box of milk duds because even though I'm lactose intolerant it was an occasion on which they were needed Shows me every day that men who feel allowed to be open vulnerable soft and emotional are so much happier than men who are told to keep it all inside Source staganddragon 31727 notes Soft things dad does Meme

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