STEP 1 FIND OUT WHO'S RUNNING FOR CONGRESS IN YOUR STATE OpenSecretsorg Center for Responsive Politics STEP 2 LOOK UP YOUR DISTRICT IF YOU NEED A REFRESHER UNITED STATES HOUSE of REPRESENTATIVES wwwHOUSEGOV STEP 3 LOOK AT THE VOTING RECORDS OF THE CANDIDATES SEE IF THEY'RE ON POINT OR TOTAL GARBAGE OnTheIssues Every Political Leader on Every Issue WWwONTHEISSUESORG STEP 4 PLEASE VOTE OMG CONGRESS PRESIDENT THIS IS HOW A THIRD PARTY COULD COME INTO POWER THIS IS HOW YOU PROTECT A GOOD PRESIDENT OR PROTECT YOURSEIF FROM A BAD ONE THIS IS HOW WE PROGRESS OR FALL BACKWARDS roonilwazlib mynameisbrandyd prismatic-bell raltvater justinhubbell PLEASE RE-BLOG I don’t normally say that? but everyone is talking shaming people about how the Congressional elections are SO IMPORTANT - but nobody is educating folks on how to go about itHERE IS HOW Hey kids don’t forget - it’s not just a presidential election! Keep hitting the polls!!! AND DO NOT FORGET MINDS CAN CHANGE OVER TIME If every vote for the last 15 years was progressive but in 1994 you find out that your candidate voted against a minimum-wage increase consider all the evidence Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater Have they voted for increases since then? Spoken about income inequality? Politicians are also people well–most of them I still think Malevolent Tangerine is a scientific experiment gone horribly wronger and they can learn and grow too FINALLY someone brings up the Congressional votes Also local elections!!!! Those are very important too Meme

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