STEP ONE KNOW YOUR PENIS Be sure to inspect your genital region regularly to know what's normal for you STEP TWO PRACTICE GOOD HYGIENE It is important to keep you penis clean Remember to always wash up particularly after things such as exercise STEP THREE WEAR THE RIGHT KIND OF UNDERWEAR RIGHT WRONG Though you may prefer briefs tight constricting underwear can actually damage your sperm count If you haven't already you should make the switch to boxers STEP FOUR PRACTICE SAFE SEX HONEY 'M READY!! Sexually transmitted diseases are one of the greatest risks facing your genitals so make sure to always use protection STEP FIVE HAVE YOUR PENIS CHECKED REGULARLY BY A MEDICAL PROFESSIONA I DON'T UNDERSTAND THE SHAPE THE COLORATION 'VE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE THIS If anything seems out of the ordinary don't hesitate to ask your doctor about it STEP SIX DON'T STRESS Though it's common to worry it's important to remember that penises come in all different shapes and sizes Chances are yours is perfectly normal OH GOD! WHY IS IT SQUARE!?! BARF Or maybe not 6 Things You Need To Do To Keep Your Penis Healthy Meme

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