Stephanie McKellop @McKellogs I learned today that a group of students used a Google doc to take lecture notes--they all took notes simultaneously in a collective file 2016-12-20 536 PM 1401 RETWEETS 2652 LIKES Stephanie McKellop @McKellogs 1d As they took notes they would mark places they were confused or couldn't follow the lecture--other students would see & explain real time 373550 Stephanie McKellop @McKellogs 1d v at the end of the semester as they are prepping for finals they have this massive document of notes questions & explanations from peers わ9 t3306 、p 468 Stephanie McKellop @McKellogs 1d I dunno where they learned this or if they just came up with it together but it is AMAZING Truly brilliant collaboration & solidarity h 11 215 578 Wholesome college students via rwholesomememes httpsifttt2EUWaEh Meme

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