sterling7 Good morning I just want to say I am not normally the person to talk a lot but when I think I need my point to heard I will speak up Regarding what was said at the Chelsea game as you can see by my reaction I just had to laugh because I don't expect no better For example you have two young players starting out there careers both play for the same team both have done the right thing Which is buy a new house for there mothers who have put in a lot of time and love into helping them get where they are but look how the news papers get there message across for the young black player and then for the young white payer I think this in unacceptable both innocent have not done a thing wrong but just by the way it has been worded This young black kid is looked at in a bad light Which helps fuel racism an aggressive behaviour so for all the news papers that don't understand why people are racist in this day and age all i have to say is have a second thought about fair publicity an give all players an equal chance 48 MINUTES AGO sterling7 E Daily lail MORE STORIES Young Manchester City footballer 20 on e25000 a week splashes out on mansion on market for £225million despite having never started a Premier League match By Anthony Joseph for MailOnline 0848 10 Jan 2018 updated 1051 11 Jan 2018 sterling7 Daily lail MORE STORIES Manchester City starlet Phil Foden buys new £2m home for his mumm By lan Herbert For The Daily Mail 2130 04 Oct 2018 updated 0031 05 Oct 2018 RWA Raheem Sterling on Instagram this morning speaking complete sense There is no place for racism in football httpstcoMYluckPsG0 Meme

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