Steven Michael 6 hrs e White Americans have heritages they can be proud of Irish polish whatever be bold and be proud to be French even We have a past We have a history Some of our ancestors were Vikings or even a British blacksmith Whatever We can say those things Black people in America don't have that luxury They had their history stolen from them Most of them have no idea what country of origirn they have And Africa isn't a country So they get to be black And they get to be proud to be black Because our whiteness erased their heritage So when a white person asks Why can they be proud to be black but I can't be proud to be white? Because you're celebrating things like the erasure of their history and the violence and torture their people suffered at the whim of white America aerrowhawk2017 tripperfunsters danchatvbb thedreamingwood *DING DING DING* yep REALLY GOOD YES Finally Meme

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