Steven Russell was a con artist who escaped from prison by using laxatives to fake the symptoms of AIDS He then called the prison posing as a doctor asking for prisoners interested in an experimental treatment and volunteered Once out of Texas he sent death certificates to the prison stating he had died Ultrafactstumblrcom monpetitcabbage rainfallinhell creppysponge blackgirlsparadise How…? STEVEN RUSSELL WAS A FUCKING GENIUS Originally arrested for Insurance Fraud he met the love of his life Phillip Morris in prison He got out before Phillip so he proceeded to GET PHILLIP OUT OF PRISON He wanted to give Phillip a glamourous life so he got a big-name job and then started embezzling funds he was arrested and then broke out TWICE MORE and kept busting out then he was arrested again and the above happened while he was on the run from this he was determined to get Phillip who was in trouble for harboring him out of prison so he pretended to be a lawyer and hit up Phillip’s jail 247 He tried to get Phillip moved to a prison closer to where he was hiding so he couLD VISIT HIM AND THEN he made a fake identity and tried to get a 75k loan and was arrested AGAIN but he FAKED A HEART ATTACK AND LEFT BEFORE HE WAS EVEN PLACED IN PRISON AGAIN There’s a movie about his life called “I love you phillip morris” Starring Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor Seriously go watch I Love You Philip Morris it’s literally just a “be gay do crime” rom com there’s no killing your gays or angsty plot messes the comedy is amazing and it’s sweet and I’d die for it guess what’s going on my to watch list now Meme

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