Steven says Bloodstone is being selfish and just wanting things to happen to please himself I really felt like Steven was talking to us as the fandom too when he said This is my life! Do you even care about that? The fandom kind of demands certain things like the pairings that are acceptable The way the fandom freaked over Zuke drawing a Lapidot Picture The way people analyze and over analyze every aspect of the show getting angry when episodes are filler and demanding the plot move forward I think what Steven and the crewniverse were trying to say in this episode was summed up well The show is about him not us It's about Rebecca Sugars vision not about what we think is right or wrong This fandom should be about love and acceptance Yeah this fanbase is absolutely terrible in general My goal for this account was to just kind of have a happy place for the fans and try my best to respect the crew and to be a good example but man that so hard with people constantly demanding fan service and harassing others and seeing the crew as machines to just give them whatever exactly they want Meme

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