STEVIE WONDER If I could play video games you bet it would be ATARI! Stevie isn't superstitious by ruleHut when it comes to fun he knows what's wht And when it oomes to a game smsotc syem oaly the Atari 2600 will do My friends tell me the graphies are the bed I don't knowsht that as but know with the Atari 2600 they must be upoght and ontta sigh Only Atari brings the arcade classics homeooly Atari 2600 has bene、enions of Sievies faiotisos Space InvakrP Ma Missile CommandAsteroidsreakout and more the meatest arcade hits of all time Sievie has them all he likes to hear his friends having fun Simple straightforward controllers Wah some tens contrellers Stevie would be all thumb What ase are numbers uhen you ceent Thaas why Alar gives ou cay to-use joysticks and pdleso Stcic can fumic his way through ajoytick You don't need two people to play with an ATARI 2600Or cven two eyes All the best ATARI games con be cnjoyod by a single payer Stevic likes to play aloceven if be has no dea whats happeningoe the sound of ATARI C1981 Alan Inc CIRCLE 1 18 ON READER SERVICE CARD Welcome to adulthood Meme

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