Stop buying tomatoes Here's how to grow an endless supply of tomatoes right at home Rather than throw away his overipe tomatoes he chose to do this denzelle for some reason i definitely thought this was going to be one of those fuckin infinite chocolate things or like some really weird trick involved literally it's just put the tomatoes in some dirt and they grow into MORE TOMATOES which like yea that IS how plants work but i don't know if it's a life hack denzelle Dont plant more than one slice my mum only planted one and ended up with 62 plants and over 500 tomatoes Like Reply 2 1 hr THIS #LIFEHACK IS TOO POWERFUL YOU WILL LITERALLY GET AN ENDLESS SUPPLY motorizedmycologist grocery stores hate him! local man discovers gardening Source denzelle 34458 notes #diy #flowers #funktioniert #gartenarbeit #home #horticulture #roses #wie wie gartenarbeit funktioniert #gartenarbeit #gartenarbeit #DIY #home #flowers #roses Meme

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