Stop the trophy hunters! ADi Four years ago Cecil the lion was lured from a protected African reserve by an American hunter injured with a bow and arrow and then tracked for at least 40 hours before being shot dead Despite the global outrage little has changed since his death with many like poor Cecil suffering a similar fate The CECIL Animal Trophies Act HR2245 would help change that stopping the import of large animal trophies into the US the world’s largest importer Sponsored by Rep Grijalva HR2245 would also task the Government Accountability Office to research hunters’ conservation claims and shut down the International Wildlife Conservation Council whose sole purpose is to promote and enable trophy hunting If you live in the US please ask your legislators to support the CECIL Act HR2245 Find their details here httpwwwad-internationalorgtake_actiongophp?id=4037 If you live in the UK you can act against trophy hunting by urging your MP to support EDM 1829 which calls for a ban on the import of trophies from endangered species Contact them here wwwtheyworkforyoucom Meme

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