Story time >Be me >Two years ago >Driving home from work because not neet 99 KB JPG >Want to get home quick because amazon said my new Sonic game was delivered Everything going fine until car in front of me gets sideswiped goes into median and rolls several times >I pull over and run over to her Old woman inside Alive but hurt >I open the door and pull her out >She's barely conscious but I check her out and she's not bleeding and probably not gonna die >Other people get out of their cars and come over >I want to play sonic so I leave her with them and go home Fast forward to two weeks ago >Be visiting super religious Grandparents >They've got some weird tv show on where they interview people who've seen angels >One woman comes on >Mfw it's the woman I helped out of the car >Mfw she tells the story of a handsome angel who pulled her out of a car after a bad accident and then disappeared >Mfw I'm an angel >Mfw a girl called me handsome awesomacious Anon is an angel Meme

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