stuckinthe-climb *plays assassins creed to study for my ap history exam* superhero-nerd This is actually really funny In high school my humanities teacher told us a story about one of the Europe trips he had gone on with the school a few summers past So0 him and the group of kids were in the mid- dle of Rome and the tour guide had gotten lost They could figure out how to get to some church they were going to see All of a sudden one of the students like call at tention to himself He says he knows where to go and just start walking around the streets taking back roads and side streets and within 20 mins they're at the churclh they needed to get to My teacher asks the kid if he has every been to Italy before He says no he just knew where to go because he played Assassins Creed Brotherhood funny Proof Assassins Creed should be considered homework Meme

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