Students Hey so at this point a lot of students would rather break their own legs than go to school because of the immense workload placed on us in the form of increased standardized testing and out of school work It is remarkably frustrating and stressful to students and causes a strain on our mental health Parents Hey so our children are extremely overworked and we have noticed a huge increase in time spent on homework rather than things that kids should be doing like socializing and naturally forming interests that could lead them to possible career choices Teachers The state curriculum is becoming more demanding requiring our students to learn more in less time all while increasing the number and freguency of standardized tests giving us even less time to teach important material This makes us sad because we want to share knowledge with students but are forced to give them large amounts of homework to make up for lost time in the classroom The US educational system So what you're telling me you want more test ILS Source thegroceries This is also Ontario's system cause each province has a slightly different school system I love learning but I have started to care less about that and more about just passing the courses which is sad Meme

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