Studies have demonstrated that Vitamin B-12 is heat sensitive and normal cooking can destroy as much as 89% of it EAT RA Vitamirn is heat sensitive and normal cooking can destroy a much as of it normall 39 KOT COOKED wwwnygutayoo㎝ The WAPF article named Vitamin B12Vital Nutrient for Good Health starts off by saying One of the most important nutrients we get from animal foods is vitamin B12 That says something important don't you think? If we are eating all our meat cooked then how is our body getting enough vitamin B12? This is where eating raw meat comes into play! Vitamin B12 helps repair the DNA from radiation so it protects us from cancer Vitamin B12 deficiency is linked While it is true that plants do not produce vitamin B12 neither do animals inherently produce it B12 is produced by bacteria that live in the soil and in the intestines of animals including humans however in humans and other animals it is generally manufactured too far down the intestinal tract in the colon in our case to be absorbed by us And while animals in nature can be a source of B12 it’s important to realise that most meat dairy and eggs come from farmed animals whose feed is supplemented with B12 We would do better to take supplemental B12 directly Even the USDA states that the best and most absorbable form of B12 for humans is via a supplement There's no excuse for eating animals Free from Harm 🌱GO VEGAN 🌱 Repost @peacefulpisces b12 vitamin meat dairy egg govegan vegansofig TellLieVision maketheconnection allanimalsmatter Meme

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