Stunt-In the City You do what you need to do to get ahead Whether that's extortionprostitution or winning a brutal stunt race for sports cars in through round and over every landmark in the Los Santos business district And hey no ore said you couldn't do elf three SETTINGS PLAYERS 16 OF 1-16 DETAILS Radio Radio Los Santos AHMY 197 Race Type 2x RP Non-Contac ers FAST HOST433 40MED TMEO Number of Laps 2x 3 RicoChet blackrock505 RPAS 562 Class Sports 265 Time of Day Noon wex223 118 Stant-Inthe Caty Traffic oetsha JIRO Off 284 44 Rating Wanted Levels jamal jabadid KING Off 6900% Aldevarant00 CCTX IN 186 Created By Rockstar On Custom Vehicles 0INED 21Opens at Rank 14 Players INED 32 Type Sonnybay2896 None Camera Lock 1-16 Off Burguess2FIAM Destroy Last Place Stunt Race SsenFriend ZBC Off Aggregate Position AINED 755 km 47 Distance Loutherr Lucianoamm DAFT CDWI 122 ElPulas_nzk NZKX K A N D Y CE SUTZ krycharampampam KYRO W 649 28 Launching sessiom I'm so happy for seeing full loby for stunt racerace mode Meme

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