sturm-und-drunk l spent the most magical afternoon I went for a walk in the nature and I took a path that was completely new to me I kept walking when I came across a cute house surrounded by flowers A little child was watering the plants and a woman insisted to offer me a glass of water I didn't know her but she was a friend of my uncle's sister apparently We talked for a bit then she told me to follow her because she wanted to show me the laboratory where her husband produces honey There he was working He gave me a piece of honeycomb to chew on then he showed me the complete process to make honey Finally he gave me a jar as a gift The woman explained to me how to go back to town and she walked me to the bridge I would have to cross That looked surreal too I feel like the house won't be there if I ever go back It was beautiful You met an ancient family of Italian fairies and you got their blessing xthinks i fully expected to find a recipe at the bottom of the post You went to a realm with kindly fae be glad you did not end up in another Source sturm-und-drunk 46217 notes An encounter in the woods Meme

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