Subjective Pain Scale 0 No pain Feeling perfectly normal Very Mild Very light barely noticeable pain Minor Discomforting Minor pain like lanswering you toothanis toth 2 Able to adapt to pain 3 reading heartfelt birthday messages Very noticeable pain like other people give to each other 4 Distressing 5 Very Strong deep pain like ar friend flirting with their so while you're the third wheel Moderate Strong deep piercing pain such as your crush getting Interferes with many activities Distressing 6 Intense 7 Very into a relationship Strong deep piercing pain like comparing your friends' Comparable to people's acquaintance but nobody's friend achievements with yours looking at your current life and realizing you're Intense Severe 8 seeing clearly for the first time how your failure of Utterly Comparable to ta life has been your fault all along Horrible Patient is disabled and unable to function independently 9 Excruciating Pain so intense you cannot tolerate it like knowing that withe Unbearable the damage you've done to yourself even if you turn around your normal won't ever be the same as other people's normal 10 Unimaginable Pain so intense you will go to the internet and joke about it Unspeakable hoping that the absurdity of it all wll make it more manageable me irl Meme

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