sufficientlylargen Every time l see a post about updog l'm torn between not wanting to fall for it and wanting to help the poster complete their joke tommyeatseaton okay but what's updog? jaiwithinnumerableunblinkingeyes Updog is a long sausage in a bun often served with ketchup mustard onion e andor relish yumantimatter No that's a hotdog An updog is when a new version or patch of an application is released koito-yuu You're thinking of update Updog is when you end a sentence with a rising intonation jinvertedporcupine No that's uptalk You're thinking of the fourth- largest city in Sweden argumate surely that's Uppsala whereas Updog is the giant spider in Harry Potter regexkind That's Aragog Updog is a symbol conventionally used for an arbitrarily small number in analysis proofs another-normal-anomaly You're thinking of epsilon Updog is an upward- moving air current yieldsfalsehoodwhenquined no that's an updraft updog isn't a noun at all it's a verb it basically means to chew someone out or harshly lecture them identicaltomyself No that's upbraid An updog is a small dog that likes cuddling on people's laps speakertoyesterday No that's a puppydog An updog is when the Mets win mistbornthefinal No that's an upset An updog is the modern version of a henway yumantimatter What's a henway? eversolewd Oh about 5 pounds ifeellikesmeg GOTTEM Meme

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