SUMMER AND WINTER IN AUSTRALIA WINTER SUMMER Oooh it's really co *Puts on a Ooh it's really hot! *Wears jumper problem solved shortst-shirt IT'S STILL FUCKING HOT That rain is so lovely and Oh it's rainingFUCKING HUMIDITY! I think I'll sit outside- what a I think I'll sit outsideFUCKING FLIES! FUCKING asant cool eve ning MOSQUITOES I'm hungry I think I'll have a I'm hungry and thirsty T *drinks water I'm full nowWHAT lovely big hot meal! THE FUCK? I'm cold I'll have a hot I'm hot I'll go for a swim Ah bathshower *for ages afterwards I'm nice and cool now *2 minutes later I'M FUCKING HOT Oh that's much better I'm so AGAIN Warm now It's a very cold night I'd better It's such a hot night *No throw on more blankets I'm so blankets thinnest pis possible lying warm now! *proper night's sleep spread ed on back sweating profusely FUUUUCK! No sleep at all *Waking up in the morning Ooh *Getting up in the morning cause it's a chilly morninglucky I've got you didn't actually fall asleep at all 'cause of the heat to be able to y warm on wake up It's 8am WHY IS IT ALREADY FUCKING HOT?! I CAN'T EVEN FUCKING SLEEP IN *5pm Ooh it's dark already! *7pm IT'S STILL FUCKING LIGHT! HURRY THE FUCK UP AND SET SUN SO IT STARTS FUCKING COOLING DOWN ALREADY Meme

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