Summer arrived Summer made things hot and both Adam and Ronan smelled more in the summer though they didn't seem to notice or care Ronan accidentally started a fire in one of the smaller outbuildings and although this started out shouty it ended up wild and joyful with both Adam and Ronan hurling things into it while music galloped in the background Adam's car got off the blocks and almost immediately re turned to them There were a lot of mice which Opal enjoyed catchin and occasionally eating The cloud lady continued bringing books and foods to the bench by the creek and also began to bring a suitcase with tubes that went in her nose which was interesting and made Opal stick things up her nose for a few days after she first saw it Adam got one o the Lynch family's old backhoes running again and dug a strategically placed hole out in one of the fields A natural spring slowly began to it and an unnatural hosepipe finished the job the boys stripped an leapt into the resulting body of water on the hottest of days Opal did not want to swim but Adam taught her until she was fearless and then Ronan threw buoyant objects for her to fetch until he got tired of being on the shore He had dreamt himself a pair of tattered black wings that did not quite hold him and he used them now like a temporary diving board letting them lift him half a dozen feet fore dropping him with a muddy splash Opal floated on her back anod kicked her legs like Adam had shown her to do while the boys clung to each other in the water and then separated The heat in the air made everything smell and look more like itself Everything was very good over the water be- Summer had animalness in it though just like a human and so it too eventually had to die maggie-stiefvater x Meme

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