Sun 25P HOW TO UNDERSTAND YOUR PARTNER THE LESS THAN THE DAILY MIRROR MEN AND WOMEN AT SEXES & SEVENS SEE PAGES 28 & 29 55p thesuncouk THE PEOPLE'S PAPER FOR 50 YEARS Thursday September 5 2019 CORBYN CLUCKS UP BREXIT! Is THIS the most dangerous chicken in Britain? By TOM NEWTON DUNN SEETHING Boris Johnson last night branded Jeremy Corbyn a chicken after the Labour leader blocked a snap General Election The PM's bid to trigger a national poll got 298 votes well short of the 434 he needed after Mr Corbyn told his MPs to abstain Fifty-six MPs voted against Boris inset accused Mr Corbyn of political cowardice Continued on Page Two Sun THE SAYS SEE PAGE 10 OPM LAYS INTO OLABOUR SNUB COWARDLY JEZ Meme

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