Sun Z NEWS FABULOUS MONEY MOTORS TRAVELTECHDEAR DE WS SITE OF THE YEAR The iconic cathedral was first commissioned in 1163 by King Louis VIll and completed in 1345 nearly 200 years later It is on the ile de la Cité island in the Seine and was one of the largest buildings of its time to use what would come to be defined as Medieval Gothic architecture Dramatic drone pictures show the devastation caused by the savage blaze which has already laid waste to the 850-year-old church's spire and much of its Gothic roof Emmanuel Gregoire the deputy mayor of Paris said the cathedral had suffered colossal damages and that emergency workers were trying to salvage the priceless pieces stored inside Scaffolding that had been set up around the building has been decimated along with large parts of the cathedral including the spire which dates back to the mid-19th Century French prosecutors have launched an investigation although arson has been ruled A tstray flame linked to £5 million renovation work is thought to have sparked the njerno in the loft at around 530pm local time on Monday Launch an investigation while stating a conclusion not sure that's how you do that And what exactly is a stray flame anyway Who's using open flames in an 850 year old wooden roof structure Meme

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