Sunday at 1138 AM How's this a Superfood if it's grown indoors without natural charging the Sun? And the little girl used to sell it SMH Reminds me of Tree aka Cannabis Back in the day it was a natural phenomenon the earth supplied to ease the neurotic mind getting stoned and laughing at your own stupidity the Ego tripping balls with deeper insight Somehow charging it under synthetic lights became a thing the crystals and all If that hijacking wasn't enough they've added packaging and bare codes and labeled it healing Went to the dispensary to buy my son some treeyah I'm THAT Mom and it's nothing but toxic garbage no different than big pharma We've deduced you either have to grown your own tented from the Chemtrails of course or master going within The days of bypassing Pharmaceuticals for nature is over They're the MASTERS of hijacking consciousness And this companies name HAMAMA Like their mocking you Ha Mama HAMAMA НАМАМА-— June 24 Everyone loves our microgreens! We make growing superfood greens fail-proof Seriously just add w Continue Reading “Yah I’m THAT mom” Meme

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