supaslim Guys let me tell you about orcas Orca whales are mean motherfuckers They cruise the oceans with only two things in mind one having sex and two eating every poor fuck they find out there that's smaller than them They are such badass motherfuckers that even great white motherfucking sharks don't dare fuck with them which in my books places them above the sperm whale as Biggest Badass of the Ocean And why don't sharks bother them you may wonder? Because orcas fucking learned that if you flip a shark over they go into a sort of coma so now they do it intentionally so they can eat the motherfucking sharks Not only that but orcas have also learned how to hunt sperm whales and motherfucking sea birds The orca whale lives in a matriarchal pod Every pod has unique hunting methods and whatnot which is passed down from parent to offspring- these scary fuckers have formed civilizations And what do they do for fun apart from hopping around on the water's surface and grinning like crazy mofos? They hunt for fun going so far as to tip over ice floes and beach themselves just for the thrill of killing Now I know what you're thinking Orca whales are too damn cute and smiley looking to be heartless predators of the sea Well let me counter-argue with this photo THOSE ARE NOT THE TEETH OFA CREATURE THAT WANTS TO BE YOUR FRIEND Reinvented by nepurrta for iFunny ifunnymobi Yes yep Meme

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