SUPPORT THE 2ND AMENDMENT All American Girl @AllAmericanGirl Actress Mira Sorvino Trump Era ls Like Pre-Nazi Germany' - 'Eerie Echoes of the Concentration Camps' breitbartcom video201806 @BreitbartNews #AAG ING NEWS Actress Mira Sorvino Trump Era ls Like 'Pre-Nazi Germany- Eerie Echoes of the Concentration breitbartcom 106 PM 24 Jun 18 т Ј Rhattigan @tjrhattigan Replying to @MiraSorvino @BreitbartNews You're a pretty girl and I've enjoyed your acting but you can't possibly know what pre-Nazi Germany was like Stick with what your good at Acting Mira Sorvino @MiraSorvino I wrote my thesis on racial conflict and persecution at Harvard worked on a documentary on Neo-Nazi hate groups in Russia performed in the film about the SonderKommando at Auschwitz The Grey Zone and am an avid student of The Holocaust and what lead to it soI beg to differ This quoted Tweet is unavailable 713 PM 24 Jun 18 4468 Retweets 217K Likes rebakitt3n chancecalloway THIS QUOTED TWEET IS UNAVAILABLE when a woman smacks you and you run away like a big baby Meme

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