SUPPORT US ON KICKSTARTE wifiexplore 421 PM 00 BELL令 wifiexplore ATNT WIF ATNT WIF ATNT WIFI an Vilag Ave 50 ATNT WIFI 00 BELL令 421 PM wifiexplore SIGN UP Name Email Email Confirmation is required Password SSID Model name Security Type Cancel Next 00 BELL令 421 PM wifiexplore Searching For WiFi fundraisingwebsites WiFi ExploreWiFi Explore lets users locate WiFi in their local area and gives the user the option to buy or sell WiFi to anyone within the network WiFi Explore is an idea based on a need As we watch technology grow we also notice everyone’s need to stay connected regardless of the price Considering majority of stand alone apps or devices now require WiFi connection we feel it’s a perfect time to introduce an affordable way to stay connected Mark Zuckerberg once said his ultimate goal was to “connect the whole world” well that’s our goal as well That’s why we are offering the first network that lets you share your connectivity without contracts httpswwwkickstartercomprojects935089739wifi-explore Meme

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