Survivor name Jason Ambrosia Unlucky student TEACHABLE PERK Age 18 Role Epimetheus's lost child Nationality Greek Gender Male Even though you always tried to avoid conflict you inevitably fail Everytime the killer is chasing you if you are affected by any Status Effect its aura is revealed to all survivors within a range of 366496 meters from it When in a chase your aura is revealed to all survivors in a range of 6496128 meters Overview Jason is a young and quirky student who thrives for knowledge Sadly luck is never on his side but with his personal perks Unlucky student Asthma and Cooperative Strenght he can overcome his disadvantages and at least try to save his friends Oh no Not again- Jason Ambrosia Asthma TEACHABLE PERK You were not born for sports You are affected by the Exhausted Status Effect for the duration of the Trial Grants 359 % additional speed when repairing sabotaging healing cleansing and searching Chests Your breaths are 357 % more audible while running The effect persists for 20139 seconds after you stop running Lore born and raised in the suburbs of Athens Jason learnt the hard way that Lady Luck really hated him His first pet died on the way home from the kennel bullies from his school beat him up because he resembled someone they hated and his house took fire Twice Hold on a second I need to rest why do I hear heartbeats? Jason Ambrosia Without many friends Jason preferred to spend his time in the local library learning about everything and everyone determined to achieve his dream becoming an archaeologist One day while visiting some ancient ruins with his classmates a strange fog caught his attention being the curious student that he is he decided to follow it and like that he was gone The last thing he remembers is the crackling sound of a campfire Cooperative Strength TEACHABLE PERK You would do anything to succeed but you need your friends to do so You start the trial with 2314 tokens You get notified when a dropped pallet is in a 643216 meters range from you If the perk's user and another survivor get on both sides of the pallet they may try to lift it up They are both faced with a tremendously difficult difficultnormal Skill Check If they both succeed a token is consumed and the pallet is lifted back into its original position Every pallet can be lifted only once per trial When the pallet is lifted or a Skill Check is missed the killer gains a notification Missing the Skill Check consumes a token only if the one who missed is the perk's user Athena please lend me your strength! - Jason Ambrosia My first survivor concept! Meme

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