SWEAR LIKE A PIRATE YOUR FAVOURITE SEASON SpringArrr! Autumn Yo-ho-ho! Summer Ahoy! Winter Bite me will ye? YE THE FIRST INITIAL OF YOUR NAME J Pantywaist S Spider-kissin' A Pig Faced B Butt Scratchin' K Nauseatin' T Toad Lickin' C Chimp Faced L Lard Brained U Snuff Snortin' D Dung Diggin' M Puppy Killin' V Scabby Arsed E Bug Brained N Nose Pickin' W Worm Livered F Fork Faced 0 Grog Faced X Screw Eyed G Greasy H Gold Stealin' Q Peesoaked Z Pants Soilin' l Ladder Suckin' R Back Stabbin' P Penny Lickin' Y Bug Chewin YOUR MONTH OF BIRTH Jan Cockroach Feb Buttwipe Mar Gobshyte Apr Wiggly Maggot 0ct Scurvy Baboon May Gaggin' Reptile Nov Power Monkey Jun Spit Weasel Jul Gutless Kidneywipe Aug Son 0f A Biscuit Eater Sep Spineless Bastitch De Oyster Sucker Happy International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Ahoy! Ye greasy cockroach! http9gagcomgaga7dnR4e?ref=fbp Meme

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