SWEeT POTATO BeNGFITS IG fitesow DOUBLE TAP FOR MORE FITNESSWIKI TAG FRIENDS WHO WILL BENEFIT FROM THIS POST! SWEET POTATOES Sweet potatoes not only taste sweet but they are sweet for your health! A single serving of sweet potatoes supplies five times the Daily Value for beta-carotene which protects your cells from free radicals provides a high source of vitamin A and enhances the functioning of your immune and reproductive systems In addition sweet potatoes are good for stomach ulcers and inflamed conditions of the colon and can be a good food for diabetics as it helps to stabilize blood sugar levels through its slow digesting low glycemic index In terms of muscle building sweet potatoes are a great food to eat especially pre and post workout They contain a very good amount of complex carbohydrates in addition to healthy vitamins minerals and some protein that are all easily digestible Sweet potatoes provide a lot of energy that you will need throughout your day and should constitute a staple in your diet VISIT US ON WWWTOPPHYSIQUESCOM Meme

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