Swimmer @SwimmerOW My grandma wanted to watch my match last night and I feel so badly we lost It'll be at around 1030 I'll be in your audience cheering!! Ok who are you Does mom watch Thx!! She gets too nervous I'm not on yet I'm Swimmer We're playing now! I'll try to watch know you would get a kick out of Nan not understanding Watching loveyou!!!! Swimmer is what character Today 1218 AM How long is a game I cheered loudly You played very strong Commentators had great things to say about your teams effort I'll be honestI watched all 5 segments and the stress is crazy !! Proud of you swimmer! Love Nan It's my name I'll be on at 1030 It's 2 hours long ish Read 852 PM Yikes! Be tough tonight snd do your best Overwatch pro player has a supportive grandma Meme

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