borbtort: kreetn: temporarilygoaty: [video: Hideo Kojima plays a nintendo switch game where he and another player (both of whom are wearing sheriff’s hats) have a standoff, controllers at their sides, waiting to draw quicker than the other. Kojima adjusts his hat, looks at the onlookers, looks at the screen, then faces back to his opponent. they stare each other down for a tense moment. before the opponent can even react, Kojima draws first, lightning quick, and shoots. his opponent is visibly upset, having clearly underestimated Kojima, who begins flipping his controller around as if it were a revolver, finishing up by blowing the (non-existent) smoke from the barrel. an ocelot’s meow echoes as the camera zooms in on his face] You’re…pretty good i still can’t believe he guesses the EXACT time it says fire. no human can react like that. then again..