sydhavno not ask anyDoay as rar as I rememver I nave now iea nds say that a demigod the giant Hiro was the man t structures Yes his gigantic canoe had even cut the isl igantic footprint in Samoa the outer island of Sawaii in Samoa I d the legend about a giant called o and I found the way to what is to be his footprint on the north- t coast of the island May Moso eat you! is an expression can hear even today when people rrel or parents are scolding their iren Moso hat is said to have jumped from Samoa to print is where he took off you will find simular footprii anded A tribe of giants the Hiti is said to have lived re a great flood nt footprints in a lagoon in Tuva yacht Coco Loco and I visited the u l of Nanumea in the small polyn ntry of Tuvalu he people showed me the footprints r a giant in the shallow water close to the ch in the lagoon Four deeper and ewhat circular areas a in the coral-reef re he should have landed after fighting another giant in the sky The prints were r his feet and hands footprints and old go d before I left Norway read the book The Stones of Ki Däniken and I thought it would be fun to find the larg graves he has seen in the village of Banraeaba on Tar I of Kiribati found the village and it discovered what was to be footprints of a giant his wife and dren in a schoolyard They all had six toes largest footprint was about one and a half er long and an early missionary had planted conut palm in the middle of the footprint to o make the people forget their old un I wanna hear folklore from there I'm onto something in life that I need to go around the world to figure out t of Yea lolmy family are high chiefs of this village And everyone knows Everyone Terje and Mos Ask them if they Evercoin the elders speak of giant Ever heard M Um lgk abt thatvbut in one of our islands u got to take a ferry to they say that theres a story of a giant Terje and erge and 7 who crossed over our lands and thfre's a huge foot print on the land It BROO WHAT It's humbling out here? Ima trv and ao to the island and ask Message PICcOLLAGE Meme

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