SYMPTOMS Spacing out your words so OF ANΧΙETY you'll pass each other at exactly the right time Physical Psychological Behavioral Hey good to see you See ya later! Heart pounding Flushing Excessive worry Irritability Impatience Feeling on edge Obsessive or compulsive Shortness of breath Dizziness behavior Phobic behavior Avoidance of Sweating Fatigue Vivid dreams Mind racing Mind going Headache Dry mouth Stomach pains situations Distress in social Nausea blank situations Diarrhea Indecisiveness Muscle Difficulty concentrating Decreased achespains Restlessness MENTAL HEALTH FIRST AID Trying to quickly calculate the best place to stare that's not directly in their eyes but also not awkward Inability to relax memory Concentrating intently at a fixed position on the ground When you get within 10 feet suddenly T snapping your head up and pretending you just saw them Oh hiiiiii! Taking an abrupt detour if possible 380 20 5 5 Walking towards somebody you know but not that well Meme

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