systlin My neighbor was out taking the insulation cones off of his roses and carefully pruning them today I also went out and pruned mine I didn't give them any special winter insulation They're on their own And by pruned T mean whacked back the bramble hedge with a machete where it was threatening to grow out of bounds Seriously my rose hedge is approaching 4 feet tall and almost as thick And he was giving me dirty looks the whole time because it pisses him off so much that I pay no special attention to my roses and yet they always do better than his I still haven't told him that my secret is plant tough-as-nails own root old fashioned rugosa cultivars rather than finicky hybrid teas because honestly his quiet frustration is hilarious t-of-the-act a few centuries ago he probably would have accused u of witchcraft systlin I meanto be fairhe would be totally correct in that systlin Also my rose hedge is now 6 feet tall and his Mister Lincoln rose which he carefully mulched and put a insulation cone on died this year Fuente systlin 34343 notas Supervank Patrocinado SuperVank 8 Darwin would be proud Meme

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