T 3438 people Tike this 93 shares View previous comments 56 of 522 You have made this sooooo eautirul sexy and very tasteful Congrats on being Awesome May 12 at 853am Like owza Megas always! May 12 at 935am Like Forgive the elocution of my exicon any utterances of a man here may serve this beauty no justice For hers is a tale only to be sung by wood nymphs cherubs and the winds as they whistle through ember trees and are carried to the corners of the earth by the open sea The countenance of this visage before me is an apparition conjured by Aphrodite herself A gift for the brave and worthy but I must defer my adoration for I have but one heart to lose in this DAM May 13 at 505am Like wow the picture is awesome May 14 at 233am Like Estopmer Beckman Just saw this on Write a comment Dude it's literally just some girl in a bra Calm your man tits Meme

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