T-Mobile 159 AM 10k 37 T Share BasedMcCulloch 3h OR If he's Muslim Reason enough to eject him from the United States The tenets of Islam are fucking incompatible with our Constitution I'd go as far to say any Muslime who doesn't denounce their pedophile warlord prophet's directives to conguer their host countries should be tried on charges of treason MisterNogatco1h Turns out he s not MuslimI was wrong It's a religion l've never heard of blends Islam and Christianity and other stuff Vote BasedMcCulloch 1h OR Close enough Islam is nothing more than a bastardized version of Christianity with amped up violence and Antisemitism in the first place Anything that blends Islam in with their ideology is Islamic enough to be dangerous and degenerate Tailor Automatic Screenshot Stitching Meme

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