T-Mobile 816 PM Comments View replies 9 remember the first time I bought condoms I walked into to a drug store and their was a hot blond girl running the register I picked up the condoms and gave them to her after l bought the condoms the girl asked me if I knew how to use them she was so pretty I got nervous and told her the truth this is my first time said me Then the girl took out one of the condoms and placed it on her thumb to demonstrate Then the girl hopped over the desk and said follow me She took me into the store's break room and locked the door behind her with me inside She took of her shirt and showed me her boobs she asked me does this excite you I was so nervous I replied with a nod After that she removed her skirt than pantys She lade on the table and said get moving I don't have much time I went on top of her and came right away She looked at me with disappointment she said did you at least ware the condom I said yes with conference showing it to her on my thumb 3d 31 likes Reply Add a comment as alexdoestuff Meme

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