T-Mobile 904 AM Popular 10K Comments Would it be weird to go to Disneyland alone as a 27 year old single male? Not a joke post Finally have enough money to travel somewhere and Disneyland has always been my childhood dream grew up really poor I don't have anyone to take since I'm single and I don't want to look like a pedophile I really wanna hug Donald Duck and get a photo with him l love you all! in TooAfraidToAsk by Jppry 83K 95% D 18h 11h 18h VforVicious63K 2 S4 Hell naw You go to Disneyland and u hold ur head up high with ur mickey mouse ears and u go hug Donald duck and if motherfuckers give u a hard time tell em to take it up with me BR21788 10K Buddysbud10 T 289 Posts Inbox EaterofSoulz Search Settings If you want to go to Disneyland whether your older or younger its your choice to relieve your childhood times! Meme

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