T-Mobile LTE 954 AM 79% ?rAskReddit udogredsox 1d What's the best job quitting story you can tell? Discussion 33k 14k TShare BEST COMMENTS shortadam lewis ⑤ 3 2 20h I had to lay off my entire staff and myself with 8 hours notice I was the contract project manager on a government project office type work At our periodic review on a Thursday the government announced they would not be renewing our contract and our last day was Friday the next day I brought everyone into the conference room first thing the next day let everyone know that we were all out of a job and that today was everyone's last day I had everyone email me their resumes and we went over everyone's on the conference room projector and updated them over the course of the day I then printed out reference sheets for everyone and we all spent the remainder of the day writing letters of recommendation for each other I ordered everyone pizza and bought everyone a round of drinks at the bar next door Most folks had jobs by the end of the next week positive-memes Every job needs such a wholesome manager Meme

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