T-Mobile LTE O 67% 1155 AM Ratings & Reviews Disappointed and disgusted wit Aug 12 Back BoPad I was playing another game this game popped up as an ad As I was watching the ad it appeared to be uncle Sam throwing a United States flag attached to a sharpened flag pole This struck the United States president through the head graphically displaying spurts of blood and two X over his eyes insinuating death The game then narrated by saying finish him off so our uncle Sam decided to throw another flag pole through the torso of our president all of which which appeared to be Donald Trump Not that I am a Donald Trump supporter whole heartedly Irregardless of my position this is thee United States president that deserves 100% of our respect as he has been elected to this office The office should be respected it disappoints me that iTunes would support and allow such a displays Does this clearly outlines the political position of both of these games designer and iTunes Should this have been someone throwing spikes through President Obama I'm sure the world and Today Games Apps Updates Search memehumor Yet it still deserves five stars Meme

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