T-Mobile LTE VPN 1213 AM O 73% Updates Pending Update AII Pocket Casts Yesterday l've noticed other developers don't bother to tell you what's changed Why can't l just once just this one time just write Bug fixes and enhancements in this little box? You'd let me have one right? I mean TI spent 2 days fighting with a stupid search box to get it to scroll up a page but I'm not entirely sure that's release notes worthy is it? Nor is staring at crash logs until my eyes hurt trying to figure out exactly why line 0 EXC_BAD_ACCESS'd I mean it's not the bad old days of BADIMPLEMENTSREFINCOMPATLIB but we're not far off Large Fruity Company we're not far off All of which is to say we fixed some things You might notice you might not but by golly v722 is better than 721 My name's redacted and I endorse these release notes Version 722471 MEB Spotify - Music and Podcasts UPDATE Yesterday Today Games Apps Updates Search Relating a little too hard to this update message Meme

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