T-Mobile Wi-Fi 1127 PM wwwgofundmecom Donate now I have a rough past and still struggle I am fighting health issues both physical and mental as well as almost losing my family this year With our ups and downs we have now been blessed with news of a new baby on the way Another daughter! So With my disabilities and medical challenges I want to further improve myself and set the best examples I can for our children and one way to achieve more is to finally get a motorcycle The main purpose is to aide in my therapy as well as be more able to join in on charity rides and events for local functions All my life I have just needed one break One small sign that giving up is not the better option Please help me continue to see light in the day Financing is impossible due to our challenges with expenses as it is and ensuring the baby has everything she will need as we new didn't keep anything from when our almost 6 year old was born X Posted this awhile back on another sub but just seen this one My Facebook friend wants to provide a better life for his new baby please donate for an emotional support motorcycle! Meme

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