T-Mobile Wi-Fi 1228 PM Notes so many times so many times in your life your gonna be in love you fall in love in the 3rd grade with the boy across the room you fall in love with your first boyfriend in the 10th grade and then again in the 12th if your that lucky u move out of high school and it fades but u might fall in love with the neighbor that helped u carry your groceries to the 5th floor of your apartment complex in college but u only get one great love u only get one person that crosses your life and is positioned to be exactly where you are at the same time they are you only get one person that out of all these people u never fall out of love with u may find them when you're 16 27 or 58 but when u find them they're yours and you need to hold onto them because the way they love you and the way you love them is something you'll never find in anyone else so if your crying because u love him and he doesn't love you wipe your tears because someone better is coming this person they're just practice because your person won't ever make u feel like your not good enough so just keep going for now theyre coming kh VSCO - kailahorne Meme

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