T-Mobile Wi-Fi 850 PM 54% ntomorecom stuff like that but I do that of all countries and this is not what I'm about It's hard to grasp that people in 2018 still try to make a fine distinction between racist jokes and racist comments Sorry friend if you're making fun of other countries and their people you kind of have to take responsibility when your audience does the same With everything going on in the world it's more than slightly upsetting that this is what is taking up space Like damn is that what it's like to not be marginalized? Is this the dumb stuff you get to spend time on? Sign me up I have to admit I would literally be literally thrilled if PewDiePie with his racist history was de-ranked by a bunch of brown people It would prove that karma was very e for him to cash in I short Go subscribe to T-Series on YouTube BETTY BUCKLEY eure THEATRE JANUARY 15-0ELLODOLLY? GET TICKETS Meme

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