Tag Tag icecoldsavage mvxwxll and 2166 ot icecoldsavage mvxwxll and 2153 satan A WHORE satan Your best friend View all 550 comments View all 546 comments 72 dylan @madelyn samuel eggplant odell @whateven22 laura wilkiee awww jack @jack justzoebeanlmado a avery o 43 MINUTES AGO karen dunseph88 Lol I have no life so ye So about an hour ago I created a simple post that said Tag and the caption said Your Best Friend to no surprise hundreds of people began blindly tagging their best friends not second thinking hold the fuck on this is @satan we are talking about here surely he has some ill intent like usual Well like usual are the naive about to be greatly disappointed I changed the caption from tag your best friend to tag a whore So as you innocently tagged your best friend in a post hoping to show them recognition by the time they get the notification they're going to think you called them a Whore In retrospect some people will lose friends and maybe this is a really mean prank but that's how comedy works the misfortune of a few fuels the laughter of many Meme

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