Take two! I will not be stopped! #BRINGDOWNTHEGOVERNMENT LIVE DAILY NEWS! Tuesday January 10 2017! Thank you for tuning in to today's episode of the #BRINGDOWNTHEGOVERNMENT LIVE DAILY NEWS! Welcome to day ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY-ONE of OPERATION #BRINGDOWNTHEGOVERNMENT! We must BRING DOWN THE GOVERNMENT before it's too late! On today's news I will discuss - Trump is planning the biggest Navy fleet since the Cold War The Donald calls for $5billion increase in shipbuilding to meet threats from Russia and China - The rise of the cashless city 'There is this real danger of exclusion' - Terror suspects could be forced to wear electronic tags under radical proposal from German justice minister - Woman charged in killing dismemberment of daughter worked for Northampton County child services had foster kids - Man gets $128 ticket for heating up car in own driveway - US Navy ship fired warning shots at Iranian vessels - Deputies mistake kitty litter for meth after 3 days in jail suspect cleared - Tesla owner files lawsuit in California claiming sudden acceleration - ‘Kids born today will never drive’ says Robot Valley champion - Amazon now has 45000 robots in its warehouses - Pushing Infanticide - People Claim to Have Seen a Mysterious Movie That Never Existed - Male college students to undergo ‘critical self-reflection’ of masculinity - Doctors now trying to ban high school football to protect teens from concussion What's your view on the government's escalating war on humanity? Ask questions and comment on these important issues in real time with THE REVOLUTIONARY WARRIOR SMOKIN JOE MEKHAEL! THE REVOLUTION IS HERE! Please join our new social media network bringdownthegovernmentcom ! youtubecomchannelUCj9CXYpTfPFa6js5Qw1dK6A instagramcombringdownthegovernment instagramcombrngdwngvrnmnt twittercomBrngDwnGvrnmnt #BRINGDOWNTHEGOVERNMENT t-shirts and #BRINGDOWNTHEGOVERNMENT REVOLUTIONARY WARRIOR tags only $20 suggested price including shipping anywhere in the world! paypalmebringdowngovernment Meme

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