Talk to strangers! You're chatting with a random stranger on Omeglel Stranger Asl? You 19 f lasagna Stranger M 17 usa Stranger do yiu have kik? You nice You i like guys from usa Stranger kik? You no i dont have one we dont have that app in lasagna Stranger snapchat? You whats that? Stranger nvm whats ur cell number? You 2435 2886456 You you probably cant text me with your american phone You lasagna phones are different Stranger Mine is Stranger whats ur bra size baby? You 13 Stranger 13 what? You 13 bra Stranger whats the scale there? You well you like go up from 1 and the higher the number the bigger the breast Stranger Oh damn sexy im 7 big You have you ever been to lasagna? Stranger nope my dick is 7 inches You it's close to Penne and Stramboli It's a nice place You vou should visit Stranger cool wouuld u fuck me You whats dick? You here a dick is a word for a hair dryer Stranger Dick is a penis You oh that is cool we call those noodles here Stranger okay my noodle is 7 Stranger has disconnected u text me first? uncomfrtable allmyinvisiblemonsters I can’t believe that men for centuries had the audacity to look at women and think we’re dumber than them My noodle is 7 Meme

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