Talk to strangers! You're now chatting with a random stranger Say hil Stranger I hate my fucking life! You no you dont You you hate your life right now Stranger im 22 work in fast food and will probably never do anything better Stranger my co-workers make fun of me all day You learn the ways of the honeybadger Stranger and if i told my boss he would probably cut my already shit pay You that is illegal Stranger cause he's a cheap bastard Stranger my only friend is mentally retarded You that makes you a wonderful friend Stranger adn all we ever do together is stupid shit Stranger i cant leave my home town cause i never learned how to drive Stranger plus every time i try i fail my drivers test You Drivers ed bro You shit works Stranger and you know what the worst part is? You your so lost in self pity you cant accept when anything good happens to you? Stranger i live in a pineapple under the sea You god damn it Ill admit they had us in the first half by TheAngryStag MORE MEMES Meme

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