TALOR RED STRESS AWAY RANGE FRANKINCE JOY ANGE I have been dealing with anxiety over the past few months that pops up for no reason that I can figure out and just sits in the pit of my stomachI started using emotional oils in my daily routine multiple times a day and it has made crazy amounts of difference I am learning that using oils proactively daily can keep your body working the way it should be I am so thankful for these little bottles of plant juice straight from the Lord Did you know that 87-93% of disease comes from our THOUGHT LIFE? Thoughts beeome emotions emotions become attitude Our attitude is our reaction and all of our daily reactions make up our lifestyle There are two kinds of emotions Positive Ove erTeased Negative You are wired for love and fear is a learned and not a natural response SDC RLING S IS YOU YOU HAVE THAT NOBODY E E YOUR MIND YOUR STORY YO D DRAW AND BUILD AND PLAY AND DANCE AND LIVE AS ONLY YOU CAN It is so true that we are not living longer We are dying slower Or in some cases dyinga lot faster It's no seeret our world is sicker than it has ever been with lifestyle diseases which means that we are more filled with fear based emotions than ever before Fear based emotions lead to toxic attitudes Toxie attitudes produce toxic responses in the body think migraines hypertension cancer allergies chronic pain diabetes and just a lot of bad things A trapped emotion is literally a ball oI energy and these will lodge anywhere in the body and disrupt the normal energy field of the body moion By Dr Bradley Nelson Did you know our emotions are stored in different parts of the body? Anger is stored in the liver and gallbladder Worry is stored in the stomach now you know why all the tummy aches -Grief is stored in the lungs ever felt grief and feel like it took the breath out of your lungs? Fear is stored in the kidneys Stress is stored in the heart There is a part of our brain called the Limbic System which is referred to as the emotional brain Within the limbie system is something called the amygdala which is where we PROCESS our emotions Our 5 senses sight touch Laste hearing and smell smell is the ONLY one that activates the limbic system! That is one reason why aromatherapy or smelling and breathing in oils is so incredibly powerful We can diffuse or breathe in oils to open our amygdala and process our emotions in a healthy way KALE & CARAMEL ILY DIAMOND E& CARAMEL Yeat We are made up of a ton of cells Your cells just like your brain have a memory You have the power to make the memories positive or negative The nucleus which lives inside the cell is the thinker It tells the cell what to do and its where DNA is produced RESEARCH SHOWS THAT DNA ACTUALLY CHANGES SHAPE ACCORDING TO OUR THOUGHTS AS YOU THINK THOSE NEGATIVE THOUGHTS ABOUT THE FUTURE-THE WEEK AHEAD WHAT A PERSON MIGHT SAY OR DO EVEN IN THE ABSENCE OF A CONCRETE STIMULUS-THAT TOXIC THINKING WILL CHANGE YOUR BRAIN WIRING INA NEGATIVE DIRECTION AND THROW YOUR MIND AND BODY INTO STRESS SFC ENVISION Negative or Fear-based emotions damage the receptor sites on your cells Just like chemical toxins processed foods GMO's smoking conventional beauty products block those receptor sites so do our fear based emotions and when the reeptor sites are blocked our cells don't get the information they need THAT is how disease can take hold in the body SFC Essential Oils are made up of different constituents Monoterpenes sesquiterpenes and phenols PHENOLS CLEAN AND REPAIR RECEPTOR SITES Use Oils breathe them in and they quickly work on your amygdala and affect every single cell in your body within 20 minutes Even cooler they're adaptogenic which means that they will work on the receptor sites that need help rcluke Ones CLOVE BASIL CINNAMON BARK OREGANO PEPPERMINT SEC Sesquiterpenes bring oxygen into the brain This helps our amygdala to work as it should When it comes to using oils for your emotional health look for oils high in sesquiterpenes! Some great options are +CEDARWOOD +VETIVER +SANDALWOOD +BLACK PEPPER +PATCHOULI +MYRRH +GINGER +FRANKINCENSE +LAVENDER Young Living Hun says different emotions are stored in different organs Meme

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